The best Side of The Vets Annia And Elsia

Anna and Elsa toddlers and their dog from the park play and he gets sick! Asia and india take the dog to make sure he's fine. Can Barbie mend the dog? Barbie's aid is needed by Still another dog, and Anna and Elsa toddlers receive a fun surprise. Watch this video to learn what the surprise is, and revel in watching the Anna and Elsa toddlers.

Elsa and anna love cute dogs. The dog starts to behave ill and Ania and Asia do not know what to do with him. Anna and Asia contact Barbie at the vets and proceed to find out if she can help make the puppy. Elysia and any ask Barbie for help. Barbie decides what to do and weighs the puppy. Barbie takes a peek at the pup with Anna and Elsa toddlers to see if he's ok.

The dog is given an X-Ray Anna And Elsa Vets on the X-ray machine by Anna and elsa toddlers. Asia and india are worried that he will be hurt by the X ray Barbie tells them it won't. Barbie gives some medicine to the dog and the dog gets better. Anna and Elsa that they take back the dog to the playground. Asia and Annia feed the puppy. The dog starts to get better and all of them take him for a stroll. Elsa, Elsa, Anya and anna are happy the dog is fine.

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